Maplewood Lanes League Bowling


maplewood lanes league bowling

We have immediate availability for the following leagues:

  • Monday Fun (5-Adult mixed teams 6:15PM) in need of individuals
  • Tuesday Bowlerettes (5-woman teams 6:15pm) in need of individual ladies
  • Wednesday Hi Lo Ladies (5-woman teams 6:15pm) in need of 2 ladies
  • Wednesday YSE (5-adult mixed 6:15pm) in need of 1 individual
  • Thursday Maplewood Twilite (5-man teams 6:15pm )in need of 1 team
  • Call (734) 429-5457 to join.

    Maplewood Lanes is located in Saline just minutes south of Ann Arbor. Whether you're looking for a five person team or doubles, we have the bowling league for you.

    • Women's, men's, mixed and youth
    • Beginner to competitive and everywhere in between

    Fall/Winter 2014-15


    Monday Fun - 5 adults any combination, $1400 guaranteed first place based on 16 teams - $16 weekly fees - 1st HALF BEGINS September 8th!!! CONTACT:(Mark or Becky 734-429-5457) or email

    9-Pin No-Tap Trio- three adults any combination of men and women, $12.00 per week, 15 weeks, 6:15 PM - Includes 3 games of bowling and prize fund - CONTACT:(Mark or Becky 734-429-5457) or email


    Morning Belles (women's) - four woman teams 8:45am (Jo Ann Leutheuser 734-418-2496)
    Bowlerettes (women's) - five woman teams 6:15pm (Cindy Rohraff 734-662-6795)
    Maplewood Jr. House (men's) - five man teams 6:15pm (Maplewood Lanes 734-429-5457)


    YSE mixed - five person teams 6:15pm (Maplewood Lanes 734-429-5457)
    Hi Lo Ladies - five woman teams 6:15pm (Becky Sheats 734-429-5457)


    Thursday open (men's) - two man teams 4:00pm (Tod Stoddard 517-456-4955)
    Thursty nite ladies - five woman teams 6:15pm (Jo Kangas - 734-429-5996)
    Maplewood Twilite (men's) - five man teams 6:15pm (Mark Bulick 734-429-5457)
    PBC (men's) - two man teams 9:30pm (Pat Budd - call Maplewood 734-429-5457)


    Gutterdusters (mixed) - four person teams 6:15pm (Cindy Rohraff 734-662-6795)
    Saline Merchants (men's) - five man teams 6:00pm (Andy Bohinski 517-672-0139)
    Brew Crew (E/O mixed) - four person teams 9:30pm (Dana Engel 734-428-1708)
    PBTL (E/O mixed) - two person teams 9:30pm (Pat Budd call Maplewood 734-429-5457)


    Youth 9:00am (Becky Sheats 734-429-5457)
    • Pee Wee Bumper league ages Pre-school - 1st grade (1 game $4.00) - (2 games $6.00) - (3 games $8.00)
    • Mass Confusion 2nd grade - 8th grade (3 games $10 per week)
    • Baker's Dozen ages 9th grade - 20 (as of 8/1/13) (3 games $10 per week)
    • (Mass Confusion and Baker's Dozen one time annual USBC sanction of $17 - entry into tournaments included) All leagues include USBC certified volunteer coaching, complementary shoe rental, trophies and end year banquet.
    Manchester Gutterdusters (E/O mixed) - four person teams 6:00pm (Kim Leppert 734-476-2141)
    Funtimers Mixed (E/O mixed) - four person teams 6:00pm (Lori Fennell 734-731-5074)
    Stags n Nags (E/O mixed) - four person teams 6:00pm (Roger Crawford 734-971-9543)


    Milan mixed (E/O mixed) - four person teams 3:00pm (Mary Peppers 734-355-2209)
    Sandy's Misfits (E/O mixed) - four person teams 3:15pm (Rob Rolinski 734-529-3314)
    First Saline mixers (E/O mixed) - four person teams 6:15pm (Sue Hiser 734-717-2886)

    Maplewood Lanes is smoke free!

    Note to our smoking customers: Due to the new state regulations smoking is prohibited inside Maplewood Lanes. If you must go outside to smoke we simply ask that you remove your bowling shoes prior to going outside. Also all food and beverages MUST remain in the building. smoking receptacles are being provided outside for your convenience.